Have you made clienteling a priority yet? Lots of business owners that I talk to struggle with implementing a clear clienteling strategy. They think it is just for the big luxury players, especially after they learn that I have worked with the likes of Gucci and Mercedes-Benz. ⠀

But let me tell you, everyone – even if you are just literally starting to get customers – should have a plan for retaining their top tier. Plan the work, then work the plan! You can definitely implement successful clienteling initiatives without a Gucci-size budget!⠀

Yes, the luxury players are all engaging in clienteling, but they sure struggle with the same problems smaller retailers do. Collecting the right data, how to make it accessible to store staff, how to use the information to customise communication, how to minimise store staff turnover and handling ever increasing expectations of customers are issues they are facing too. ⠀

Did you know that I am available to support you in the creation of your clienteling strategy? I currently offer free 30min discover calls to discuss which one of my 2 strategy packages would suit you best. Simply click here to schedule your complimentary call. Talk to you soon!⠀