Do you know how working with a clienteling coach could benefit your business?⠀

How much profit do you generate from your top 1%, top 5% and top 10% of your customers? Chances are that you make most of your profit with a small percentage of your client base. ⠀

Let’s say you make a yearly profit of $100,000 with your top 10% customers. ⠀⠀
By implementing a detailed clienteling strategy you could increase this yearly profit significantly by:⠀

– enhancing your customer profile information⠀
– improving your assessment and utilisation of this information when you assist your shoppers ⠀
– creating winning, personalised customer communication, marketing campaigns and clienteling events to drive loyalty and profits⠀

If the clienteling strategy helps you lift your performance by 5% (that’s totally doable!) then your profit from your top 10% would have risen by $5000. ⠀

Interested in how I can help you achieve this? Book a free 30min discovery call with me here to discuss how we can work together.⠀