Are you struggling to retain enough of your customers? 

Let me give you five customer retention strategies that you can start applying in your business today:

1. Minimize customer attrition/churn. The less you loose the more you retain. Make it a point to find out why customers are not returning to make purchases and fix the underlying issue. 

2. Follow up after they’ve made a purchase. Not every customer and every purchase if you can’t manage it, but select a few each week and call/email them to see if they are happy with the experience. If not, fix it and look for the underlying issue. 

3. Reach out to your existing but dormant (haven’t purchased in a while) customers and make them a great AND relevant offer. So many times the best offers are reserved for new customers only. Switch this around.

4. Invest in your customer service delivery both pre- and post purchase through training, mystery shopping and customer surveys. 

5. Know your metrics. You can only manage what you measure. Measuring your key metrics doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. Watch my IGTV video to help you get started.